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The ways we think, feel and behave are the manifestation of what we encounter and experience in life, and they are also shaped by the dynamics of those whom we interact with especially during our early years of development.


How we were raised and the environment we grew up in early years has significant effects on our emotional and mental health as well as on how our brains are being ‘wired’.

Positive experiences can outweigh negative experiences. The richer the former is, the greater is its impact on tipping the balance of experiences from negative to positive. It is also true in reverse.


Although the impact of early years experiences (both positive and negative) on later life is great, your ability to manage and bounce back from challenges and difficulties in life can be enhanced if you continue to explore and engage in nurturing relationships.


For those who are parents, when you continue to raise your child based on the principle of nurturing, you are providing your child with a greater reserve of inner strengths from which they can draw upon to weather any storms throughout their lives.


Parenting can be understood by the example Mahatma Gandhi set for his people, ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’. Effective parenting is about being the change that you expect to see in your child.


It is the mission of the Green Pastures Counselling Services to help you explore, restore and apply all of your internal resources to regain an optimal level of mental health and functioning.


We provide mental health counselling and family therapy to residents living in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and the GTA area.

We also provide:

  • assessment & counselling for ADHD children and adults;
  • anger management counselling for men;
  • therapy and conflict resolution to individuals, couples and families.



DISCLAIMER: Description of each of the mental issue is intended for a quick reference only. You are advised not to use it for self-diagnosis. If you have concerns about your mental health conditions, you are advised to seek medical advice from your family doctor or from a psychiatrist. If you already have a confirmed diagnosis of a mental health issue and you are considering counselling as an alternative treatment, you are encouraged not to stop taking medications without discussing and consulting with your family doctor or psychiatrist. Please also mention to your medical professionals about seeking counselling if you can.