Our Approach

We will provide you with a professional assessment of issues you present to us by addressing them from the body-mind perspective.


We will work with you and tailor your needs or area of challenges in life by helping you develop a new understanding of your circumstances.


We will co-create attainable goals and workable plans by which you will reclaim a sense of control of your well-being.


Therapeutic Approaches


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

It is an evidence-based psychotherapy that focuses on helping clients to understand their thoughts, emotions and behaviours; and they will learn to track, modify or change their thoughts and behaviours by developing problem solving and emotional management strategies both during and outside counselling sessions.

The primary objective of this approach is to enable clients to challenge their distorted thoughts and beliefs by which they will explore new choices for their actions and behaviours. (Note: evidence-based therapies are listed as ‘Best Practice’ and ‘preferred’ approaches for psychological symptom treatment by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association)


Emotionally–focused therapy (EFT)

It is an empirically-researched psychotherapy that addresses client’s deeply rooted unexpressed emotions and unmet attachment needs by supporting them to shift their positions in emotion processing by which  dysfunctional interaction patterns will be changed.

Therapist will facilitate clients to access, process and express their emotions by which their commitment to and their sense of security in their relationships are strengthened.



In this approach, its primary objective is to increase client’s awareness of the effects of their early years of relationships experiences with their parents and significant others on the narratives of their present relationships by which their thought process, emotional styles and behavioural patterns are being shaped.

Clients, by their therapeutic relationship with their therapist, will learn to reassess their internal conflicts and dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics by which they are empowered to restore a healthy sense of self and recreate more meaningful relationships in life.


Mindfulness Breathing-Retraining

It is a therapeutic approach to help clients gain knowledge of the inter-relationships of their neuro-psycho-physiological functioning.

They will learn paying attention to their thoughts and feelings without passing judgment or reacting to them by observing their breaths to restore a regulated breathing rhythm.


Systemic Family Therapy

It is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on viewing problems as a systemic rather than an individual issue. Its primary objective is to facilitate changes in the transactional patterns among family members.