Andrew Hill – Morning light field and hill taken on Jan 24, 2015, used by permission
Andrew Hill – Morning light field and hill taken on Jan 24, 2015, used by permission

Beams of light from the emerging sun shine through the dawning cloud and spread abundantly on to the green pastures. The radiance of its beauty brings hope, energy and life, and it signifies the beginning of another new day with another new journey.


Life is like a journey within which we will encounter nice and unpleasant surprises. However, having a direction and setting a goal at the start of each day, choices available to us are surely possible.


Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, demonstrated how he and those survived in the concentration camp during World War 2 did not lose their sense of purpose and meaning in life. <>


Michael Phelps, the Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, who won  a total of 28 medals in three Olympic games, gave an inspirational statement during an interview with a Magazine when he was preparing for his fifth and last Olympics. He stated that “there is a power greater than myself, and there is a purpose for me in this planet“. Michael apparently finds peace and meaning in life through this higher power he encountered after finished reading the book ‘Purpose Driven Life’ a number of times.


Having found the inner strengths within himself, Michael Phelps is determined to live each day with a purpose despite of the disorder (ADHD) he faces in his life. In his book- No Limits: The Will to Succeed, Michael says, “your mind is the strongest medicine you can have………You can overcome anything if you think you can and you want to”.


Michael is speaking from his personal experience of having his father left his mother and him when he was 9; and Michael was diagnosed with ADHD in the same year that led to being bullied as a child due to his disorder. Michael is learning to deal with abandonment and victimization. He stopped taking the ADHD medication at the age of 13 and learned to control his disorder with swimming- the greatest passion he uses to excel in life.


Maintaining a stable emotional state and a healthy mental health are the primary conditions that enable us to make wise choices as we face each day’s challenges.


Green Pastures Counselling offer you individualized services to restore and attain a functional level of emotional and mental health, so that you will find your passion, purpose and meaning in life.

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